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School Council Information

Kindergarten Open House

School Council allows everyone involved in school life - parents, learners, teachers, school staff and the wider community to work together to support the school.

Carleton School Council

November Council Meeting Minutes
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Important Dates

The dates below are a highlight of events at Carleton this month. Please see the calendar for complete events, activities and updates.



27 - School office opens


4 - First day of school



Welcome to Carleton Public School!

Carleton School Office Closed for Summer

The Carleton Public School office is closed for the summer. The office will re-open Monday, August 27th for student registrations. The first day of school will be Tuesday, September 4th. For information regarding report cards, the Kindergarten program, student transportation and other inquiries please see below.

All report cards that were not picked up at school were mailed to the student's home address on June 29th.

Information for new Kindergarten families was sent to parents June 29th or earlier.

If you require general transportation information, please visit nsts.ca or call Niagara Student Transportaion Services at 905-346-0290.

For all other questions, please visit dsbn.org or call the DSBN Education Centre at 905-641-1550 between 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. The Education Centre will be closed the following Friday's: July 13 and 20, August 10 and 17 as well as July 23 - August 6 inclusive.

Have a safe and happy summer!


Achieving Success Together!

We are pleased to provide an outstanding education at Carleton Public School for our students. Innovative programs that meet the needs of all our students are taught by our dedicated and professional staff who care about your child. Our school provides extra-curricular opportunities that encourage the development of excellence, integrity and respect. At Carleton School, and throughout the DSBN, we all matter!

Our school bell rings at 8:40 a.m. Students should arrive and go to the playground between 8:25 and prior to 8:40. Please note that students must leave school property immediately after school unless staying for a school-sponsored event (e.g., an after school club or participating in a sporting event). Students watching after school sporting events must be supervised by an adult. If parents are picking up their children and remaining on school property (beyond the school day), they are reminded that they must supervise their children at all times.

New Bell Times for 2018-19

The bell times for Carleton School will be changing in order to allow for better transportation services for Carleton and many other schools in the area. All bells will be 10 minutes later. Please see the chart below for new bell times starting in September.

Before school supervision


Entry, start of instructional block 1


Break 1


Instructional block 2


Break 2


Instructional block 3




Library Learning Commons

The Library Learning Commons wants to expand the materials available for our Makerspace programs so that students can take part in more STEM design and building activities. These activities require a lot of consumable resources. Mrs. Fortier has started collecting various items, but will needa large andongoing supply to meet the needs of the whole school.If you are able to save and/or donate any of the items below, both nowand in the next school year, it would be greatly appreciated! THANK YOU!

  • **pieces of pre-cut cardboard (various sizes)
  • glue guns
  • hot glue sticks
  • masking tape
  • duct tape
  • meat trays
  • yogurt cups
  • string
  • dowel
  • popsicle sticks
  • egg cartons
  • tin foil

Preparing for September - School Materials

            When preparing for school, please use the list of items below to help you in deciding what items to purchase for your child(ren).  These items are considered basic, personal items and are asked to be supplied from home.

  • pencils
  • erasers
  • pencil crayons
  • washable markers
  • rulers
  • high lighters
  • glue sticks
  • headphones

Grade 6, 7, and 8 students only should also have:

  • lined loose leaf paper
  • a folder with pockets for each subject
  • a calculator (grade 7/8’s should have one with a square root button)

Please do not “over-supply” your child - extra items often become a distraction to learning, not a support. Fidget toys and materials are not to be brought to school unless specifically requested by your child’s teacher.

Sending a box of Kleenex with your child is also much appreciated, especially during allergy and cold seasons.  While the school will keep a small supply of these items to supplement classroom instruction, it is not expected that the school will provide these for each student.  We appreciate your support with this.

In addition to the above list, we do ask that each student have a pair of shoes at school for indoor use.  This helps keep our classrooms and carpets clean and the floors from becoming slippery in wet or snowy weather.  Ideally, indoor shoes are suitable for the gym (running shoes with a non-marking sole).  Please remember that sandals and “Crocs” do not offer the support needed for phys.ed. activities and will not be allowed for use in phys. ed. classes.

School Cash Online

The Lunch Lady Program

Did you know you can join the Lunch Lady Program at any time? Go to www.thelunchlady.ca>START HERE to set up a Lunch Lady Account and check out the Online Menus available for Carleton School.

No Food or Drink on the Schoolyard

We have a policy of no food or drink on the schoolyard at Carleton School. This helps us to keep the yard litter free as well as preventing bees and other insects and animals from being attracted to the playground. This policy applies to students arriving at school in the morning with food and drink. Students are encouraged to finish their food and drinks at the place of purchase. They will be directed off the school grounds to finish these. (Special school events are the exception to this rule.)

iPad Code for Math Dreambox

The code you will need when you first download the Math Dreambox app is 42cv/Carleton. This code is specific to Carleton School students.

Lost and Found Items

We have many lost and found items accumulate during the school year. At the end of each month, unclaimed items are donated to charity. If you notice that your child is missing an item (usually clothing) please feel free to visit the school and check the lost and found bin located in the front foyer.