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School Cash

School Council Information

Kindergarten Open House

School Council allows everyone involved in school life - parents, learners, teachers, school staff and the wider community to work together to support the school.

Important Dates

The dates below are a highlight of events at Carleton this month. Please see the calendar for complete events, activities and updates.

Registration begins for School Cash Online continues. Registering allows you to receive e-mail reminders about school events!


6 - Caribou Math Contest

7 - Bag 2 School pick up

7 - Zumba Crew practice after school

8 - "Dress Like Your Favourite Character" spirit day

8 - Volunteer Appreciation Tea (10:25)

8 - Pizza Lunch

12 - Zumba Crew practice after school

13 - Welcome to Kindergarten Open House (new registrations)

14 - Pizza Lunch

15 - Professional Development Day

18 - Victoria Day holiday

19 - Rankin Run donations and pledge sheets due

19 - Area 4 Track and Field Meet

22 - Rainbow Colours Spirit Day

22 - Pizza Lunch

25 - 29 EQAO Assessments

26 - Grade 8 PALS trip (Brock U.)

29 - Pizza Lunch

29 - Star Student Assembly (1:30)

Summer Programs for current grade 7's and 8's

Registration for all July 2015 summer programs is now OPEN

Attached is an information sheet for all the summer programs being offered through Adult and Community Education Services that can be found on the DSBN website at www.dsbn.org/summer

The following points are very important when completing the forms:

  • Use only black or blue pens when completing registration forms – NO pencils or gel pens they are difficult to read when sent by email or fax;
  • OEN numbers are mandatory when sending in registration forms;
  • The student’s chosen summer school site MUST be selected on the registration form – do not assume a student is attending a summer school site based on where the student attends school.



Welcome to Carleton Public School!


rankin run starburst.png

Carleton is IN (again!) for the 10th Rankin Cancer Run!!!

We WILL Make A Difference Together

By now, a bright orange paper should have made its way home. These were distributed at the Rankin Cancer Run kick-off assembly last week- the bright orange registration sheet is your family's way to become a member of the Carleton Cobras team for the Rankin Run. Simply list all the people you are bringing with you, each of their shirt sizes (cancer survivors wear orange shirts!) and attach the registration fee ( $10 students/ $20 adults).

What: a 1km or 5km walk/jog/run along the canal

Where: Grantham Optimist Club (Parnell and Niagara)

When: Sat., May 23 9:00am to noonish

Why: to raise $$$ for cancer care and research IN NIAGARA

Who: you and me and whoever we bring with us

How: return orange sheet with names, tshirt sizes, registration fees to Mrs. Read BY APRiL 23rd... she'll do the rest

OUR GOALS------> to raise $5000.00 and have >200 team Carleton members

* check out www.rankincancerrun.com for more info

GET INVOLVED and join us as we celebrate our very own Lyric Jarvis as the key speaker at the run!


On-Line Payments

It takes just five minutes to register for our on-line payment service. You can access the service by visiting our school website and clicking on “School Cash Online”. You will need your child’s OEN number to register. It can be found on their most recent report card. You can use School Cash Online with confidence; it is a safe and secure portal. Using School Cash Online, you may never have to search for spare change again! That is, unless you’re looking for coffee money. Even if you choose not to pay using the on-line service, by registering you will receive e-mail reminders of events, such as special lunches and class trips. Thanks for your support!


As part of our switch to paperless practices, such as the on-line payment program, we will no longer be printing forms for the whole student body. We will post copies of the forms on this website that you can print from home if you are not paying on-line (click the "Looking for a Form?" button below the "Important Dates" section to the right).



Achieving Success Together!

Click here for a list of staff and their current grade assignments.

We are pleased to provide an outstanding education at Carleton Public School for our students. Innovative programs that meet the needs of all our students are taught by our dedicated and professional staff who care about your child. Our school provides extra-curricular opportunities that encourage the development of excellence, integrity and respect.

Our Board is focused on literacy and numeracy achievement and creating an environment where we are working together on our goal of success for every student. We also value the community partnerships and parent involvement which are so crucial to a successful education for our students.

Our school bell rings at 8:40 a.m. Students should arrive and go to the playground between 8:25 and prior to 8:40. Please note that students must leave school property immediately after school unless staying for a school-sponsored event, e.g. homework club, or participating in a sporting event. Students watching after school sporting events must be supervised by an adult. If parents are picking up their children and remaining on school property (beyond the school day), they are reminded that they must supervise their children at all times.

We have limited parking space, so if you are dropping off or picking up children, we recommend you park on the distant side streets or park in the FRONT parking lot only. With over 40 Kindergarten students requiring face-to-face drop off it gets very chaotic! If the parking lot is extremely busy and all of the front spots are taken, please use any open parking spots at the side of the school. Thank You!